Why You NEED SharePoint in the Cloud Now

Headlines warn of economic recessionHello all,

I’ve been logging a lot of miles lately talking to customers all over the globe and I can tell you that things are heating up and not necessarily in a good way. Assuming you aren’t a C-level executive, I urge you to read further and become a hero to your company.

Let’s look at the current global economic landscape. All global GDPs are decreasing. Even the golden children, Brazil and China. As hot spots erupt, they create instability in the global marketplace and drag others down. Some hot spots include: Japanese earthquake/tsunami, Thailand flooding (disrupting global supply chain), Greece meltdown (and spreading to Spain/France), Euro instability and US debt load and rampant unemployment as well as predicted perfect storm of inflation forthcoming.

Things are tightening (aka deepening recession or double dip) globally, not expanding. 2012 will be a year of decreasing risk and cutting costs. C level folks are already aware of the dark, long-term picture and bunkering in. More layoffs and less spending are prolific. Cash is king, so keep what you have. And we all keep hearing those dreaded words: you must do more with less.

C-levels in every country are no longer telling me that the Cloud is something “we are looking at”, but rather have turned the conversation to “We need the Cloud!” They know they need to slash IT budget dollars and use them in other areas of the business. At best, they use the extra money to innovate and differentiate in the global marketplace. At worst, they need to save to survive.

SharePoint lives in about 80% of the Fortune 500s and most of them are now aggressively moving towards serious SharePoint Cloud (hosting) evaluations and deployment. These are the captains of industry. The blue chips that people bet money (stock) on surviving and flourishing post-recession. You would do well to take heed of their urgency.

Be a SharePoint Hero for your companyMy goal here is twofold: for you to not only keep your job but also to advance it by heroically leading your company’s SharePoint charge into the Cloud. Your CEO has probably already communicated to his CTO to drive Cloud down from above at every opportunity. Well, the CTO has a lot on his plate (he’s busy doing more with less). This is your chance to become a hero by taking SharePoint in the Cloud to him.

Stand out from the rest and be proactive. Your company needs you now. Or you can wait and hear the thunder from above with fewer coworkers in your midst and weekends sucked up supporting an underpowered infrastructure fraught with security peril and unhappy end users.

I’ll address more about this in another blog, but the Cloud is the future. IT must embrace it. If someone is fighting it, they’re a dinosaur and their days are numbered. The risks of the Cloud are no different than On Premise infrastructure and the reality is that providers like Fpweb.net can throw more manpower and expertise at an environment than you can. Learn all you can about the Cloud and you’ll do well. Bring the Cloud to your company and you’ll both survive and flourish.

He who hesitates is lost. Embrace the Cloud before it’s too late for you or your company. You’ve been warned.

About Rob LaMear IV

Rob, Fpweb.net’s founder and biggest evangelist, believes the best thing about Fpweb.net is its people and energy, hands down. As a graduate from Notre Dame, Rob has led lots of past business lives as a window washer, golf artwork sales, accountant and D1 soccer coach. Passionate about doing things right and homemade apple pie, Rob is a firm believer in the American Dream and knows if you can dream it, you can do it. As much as he likes work and technology, Rob loves spending time with his family completely unplugged, fly fishing or joining a pickup game of soccer in the park. Follow Rob on Google+
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