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Sharing the Point Travelogue, Part 4: Santiago, Chile

This is the fourth in a series of articles documenting the Sharing the Point South America 2012 Tour, sponsored by and AvePoint.

“Your plane has crashed down. We have had to cancel the flight.”

These were the words we heard when reaching the checkout counter at the airport, before leaving from Montevideo, Uruguay for our flight to Santiago, Chile. It seems there was something lost in translation. Fortunately, “Your plane has crashed down” only means “There is a mechanical failure and the plane has been taken off the schedule.”

While it was a relief to get that worked out, the dilemma was now how are we going to get to Santiago? Option one: Rent a van and drive 12 to 14 hours through the mountains at night. Not a great choice, but available as a last resort. Option two: Find a private plane and charter the flight. Not viable at all on our budget. Option three: Stand at the counter, holding up the entire line at the airport until the attendant found us seats on the next available flight.

At first, that didn’t look like it was going to work, but we were persistent and with the blessing of a group of nuns standing in line right behind us, we were able to book a late night flight, arriving in Santiago about 1:00am.

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Sharing the Point 2012 Travelogue, Part 2: Buenos Aires

(This is the second in a series of articles documenting the Sharing the Point South America 2012 Tour sponsored by and AvePoint. In case you missed it, please check out the Sharing The Point 2012 South America & Antarctica Travelogue, Part 1)

By coincidence, four of us routed our travel through Washington DC and ended up on the same flight down to Buenos Aires. This was a long haul, but relatively easy because of the 10:00pm departure, allowing us to get some sleep before we arrived.

The first shock of the trip was having to pay $140.00 as an entrance fee into Argentina. The pass is valid for 10 years, but it still felt like getting hit with a “tourist tax”. Dan Holme had flown in a couple days earlier and warned us to negotiate a taxi fee before we accepted a ride. We were able to get that done through the taxi info center at the airport and headed into downtown Buenos Aires.

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Sharing the Point: South America and Antarctica Travelogue (Part 1)

Mark MillerIt has been a week since my return from the Sharing the Point Tour of South America and Antarctica, and yet the aura surrounding the event has not dissipated.

In fact, it gets stronger each time I view the pictures or talk with people about the trip. Even this morning while walking the kids to school, neighbors were surrounding us, asking questions and listening in awe as I described some of the scenarios of the journey through South America and Antarctica. My six year old’s first grade class is studying foods of the world, so I’ve even been invited to give a presentation at PS 41 in New York City, showing our food pictures from the trip.

I was able to visit six locations near the “end of the world”, as they call it in Ushuaia, speaking with people about their use of SharePoint, what their projects look like and what their plans are for the future. Along the way there were food adventures, unexpected changes in travel plans and hospitality that made us feel welcome wherever we went.

This is the first in a series of articles reliving moments from our tour, explaining why we do what we do and talking about future plans for Sharing the Point.

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