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Four Highly Available Architectures for SharePoint Today

How do I build a highly available SharePoint farm today? These days there are four different ways to architect your SharePoint environments for high availability. Kudos to Michael Noel, Joel Oleson, Microsoft for permission to use the resources below. Please … Continue reading

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Do You Need SharePoint On-Premises, Online or on IaaS?

Choosing Between SharePoint Server On-Premises, SharePoint Online or SharePoint IaaS Your key takeaway: Focus on your business objective with SharePoint. That’s advice from Kyle Davis, a research director for technical professionals at Gartner Inc. He was recently in San Diego addressing … Continue reading

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How Fpweb.net Fits Into Office 365 Plans

In today’s world of hybrid environments, one thing is abundantly clear – a single option just doesn’t work for SharePoint. At Fpweb.net, most of our customers combine on-premises deployments with cloud-based environments with dedicated or shared resources (or both). To that end, Fpweb.net has been … Continue reading

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FREE WEBINAR: SharePoint Online, On-Premises, or Hybrid?

To go to the cloud, stay on the ground, or something in-between? These days, a lot of businesses are starting to talk about taking their SharePoint environment to the cloud. However, it may not be the right solution for every organization. … Continue reading

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Connecting SharePoint On-Premises to SharePoint Online

Examining the Office 365 Hybrid Scenario Gartner predicts that half of you reading this blog will use Office 365 extensively by 2016 for any collaboration and productivity needs. The other half will keep some version of SharePoint on-premises. Please note, this article is aimed … Continue reading

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Missing SharePoint Functionality in Office 365 [Infographic]

Are You Missing Out on SharePoint Functionality That Can Move Your Business Forward? Office 365 is said to be the business suite that has everything a company would need, and while it does offer tools that any business can benefit from, … Continue reading

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SharePoint Private Cloud Hosting vs.
Office365 SharePoint Online

The top question we were asked at the booth, besides ‘where can I get one of those light up glitter balls’ was how SharePoint hosting from Fpweb.net holds up against Microsoft’s BPOS.  After a bit of deep pondering, we came up … Continue reading

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