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7 Benefits of Private Cloud over Public Cloud

On-premises data centers have their own problems with resource and staffing, skills required for high availability, high scale, monitoring, and so much more. Moving to the cloud is compelling with all those skilled resources and resource elasticity in IaaS, but why … Continue reading

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One Cloud to Rule Them All? Another Look at Disaster Recovery and Cloud

A couple of weeks ago the Amazon Cloud suffered a massive outage that affected popular online services like Netflix, Tinder, Airbnb, Reddit and IMDb offline.  For more than five hours users went crazy saying things like 1/3 of the internet … Continue reading

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Infographic: Moving to the Cloud

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Private clouds are cheaper and safer than public clouds

The choice of using private or public cloud solutions take into account many factors, and while price is an important one, it fights value, customer experience, and functionality for its place on the top three decision points to purchase. When it … Continue reading

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Don’t Fear the Cloud, Embrace It

What the Cloud Can Mean for Your Business So by now everyone is tired of the term cloud and for good reason as it has likely been pushed down your throat for the past couple years. But despite it being a buzzword … Continue reading

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Data Security: Best Practices in the Hybrid Cloud Webinar

(This webinar is currently available to view for free on-demand: DATA SECURITY: BEST PRACTICES IN THE HYBRID CLOUD) When clouds collide, is your data safe? On Thursday, July 24th, 2014, at 11am (EST), Fpweb.net is teaming up with CipherPoint to present a … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Fpweb.net and Office 365 Clouds

This series seeks to dissipate a rather cloudy issue: What exactly is in a cloud? Since all clouds are not created equal, I’ll help shred the ambiguity that surrounds different cloud options. In the SharePoint world especially, there is a … Continue reading

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Moving to the Cloud: Choosing a Multi-tenant or Dedicated Environment for Your Business

Does Your Business Need a Shared or Private Cloud? The IT department has become a key differentiator in businesses across all industries. Everyone is confronting similar decisions on how to manage their technology infrastructure. Until recently the answer was easy, … Continue reading

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