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PowerShell Tips: Casting Your Data Types

I recently wrote a blog about importing data from a CSV file to use in PowerShell scripting. I added a little note at the bottom of that blog noting that each item’s value that is imported from a CSV file … Continue reading

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Import & Export Hyper-V VM’s for Windows Server 2012 R2

I always strive to write about topics I’ve spent time researching or commonly reference. It’s easy to overlook simple tasks that can save hours of work for all of you. Although Hyper-V 2012 R2 is beginning to find its way … Continue reading

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Why the Command Line Interface is Still Relevant Today

Most Administrators Still Prefer Command Line Interface over Graphical User Interface  While faster processors, more RAM, smart phones, and the advent of touch screens has spawned a world of touchable, flashy and graphically stylized GUIs, we often forget that the root … Continue reading

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Move SharePoint 2013 Search Components to New Server

In this post, I’ll detail how to move all SharePoint 2013 search components to a different server in the SharePoint farm. Unlike SharePoint 2010, there are no topology options in Central Administration so the entire operation must be performed in PowerShell. Although that … Continue reading

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PowerShell Tips: Working with CSV Files

PowerShell and Your Data Made Easy There comes a time in every Administrator’s life that requires performing some action, multiple times, with some form of data. For example, maybe you have an exported list of user records from Active Directory that need … Continue reading

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How to Build & Test Your Next Web Project with PowerShell

…Umm, how do I work on this project again? I’ve worked on many different software projects. Typically I handle them through the course of my job, but there’s been times where I’ve dug into some existing open source projects. Getting your head … Continue reading

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SharePoint 2013 Foundation: Remove GUIDs from Search database

How to scrub those GUIDs to rename your search service application databases in SharePoint 2013 One of the limitations of provisioning a search service application in SharePoint Foundation 2013 is that you have to use the Farm Configuration Wizard in … Continue reading

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Modify Search Topology in SharePoint Server 2013

There are many differences between SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013, not only an end user perspective, but also from administrator and developer perspectives as well. Let’s focus on one important administrative difference: Search Service Application.

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