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LiveID and SharePoint: Where you can use it and why

July 18, 2011

Using Microsoft LiveID for your SharePoint authentication is a pretty popular topic. If you haven’t read much about it, then I strongly suggest reviewing a blog from @wictor here and @amilsark’s post here. Also, you can see how the whole solution works over at Microsoft Education Partner Network and Nothing But SharePoint.

All the buzz around LiveID has prompted numerous customers to ask exactly which of our SharePoint Foundation 2010 hosting plans will facilitate this. Below is a breakdown of plans that will allow you to setup LiveID claims based authentication for your SharePoint site:
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MSFT Education Partner Network SharePoint 2010 Site

November 17, 2010

Our brilliant team of SharePoint Pioneers here at have done it again.

The New Microsoft Education Partner Network SharePoint 2010 Site Our engineers collaborated with Lawrence Associates LLC to host & custom-build the new Microsoft Education Partner Network SharePoint 2010 Web site.

This is the first public SharePoint 2010 site in the world to utilize claims-based SharePoint authentication using Live ID. Yep, you heard right… no passwords to manage or user accounts to create. By using Live ID, the team at Microsoft had instant access to millions of Live ID user profiles that were already created by folks all over the globe.

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Claims authentication against Windows Live ID for SharePoint 2010

August 16, 2010

Windows Live ID The SharePoint engineering team at is always striving to discover new frontiers. To declare that the impossible is… well, possible. Recently, we put our heads together to find a way to use both Live ID and Open ID as an authentication method for SharePoint Server 2010.

With the addition of the new claims based authentication framework in SharePoint 2010, SharePoint is now more loosely coupled to the authentication layer than ever. You’ve probably seen presentations or webinars where it was mentioned that you can use claims authentication against authentication providers such as Live ID and OpenID. However, the documentation for configuring Live ID authentication is relatively hard to come by.

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