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SharePoint Troubleshooting: Drive Mapping Security Test Bug

At some point, you probably used Explorer View on your SharePoint site to move data in bulk.

Many times I’ve seen this taken one step further, and a drive mapped to the SharePoint Library. Interestingly enough, I’ve encountered several issues with this recently, and it took quite a while to actually confirm what was happening. There is a bit of a “bug” in this process, not so much with SharePoint but in the drive mapping protocol itself, that can lead to improper security elevation and false test results among other things. While this sounds scary at first, it is actually fairly innocent as long as you know what you are looking for and how to prevent it.

Let me provide a real-world client example. In one recent case, the Admin had utilized Explorer View and Drive Mapping on their SharePoint site. When the client contacted our SharePoint Support Team, they reported an issue where the Drive Mapping was not properly permission trimming, and so wished to disable this due to possible security problems that could result. Since they had combined drive mapping with Explorer View, this was not an easy request because disabling one disables both, (done by turning off WebDav). They were willing to give up the ability to Map Drives, but not Explorer View, so I dug into what the problem with the security trimming could be.

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