SharePoint Internet Explorer Compatibility Issues (WITH VIDEO)

ie-10-logoIf you have recently upgraded to Internet Explorer 10 or 11, you may have noticed functions not working correctly with SharePoint 2010 or MOSS 2007, or most recently, IE11 with SharePoint 2013. If your browser doesn’t respond to various actions or you see lots of different JavaScript or Silverlight errors, there are a few quick fixes.

First let’s identify if you are having compatibility issues:

  1. Did you upgrade IE?
  2. Is the SharePoint Ribbon not working properly?
  3. When you follow Ribbon buttons, are you receiving JavaScript or Silverlight Errors?
  4. Are SharePoint Galleries not loading content?
  5. Are Web Parts are not displaying properly?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you might have a compatibility issue. So let’s fix it!

Why is this happening?

ASP’s .NET 2.0 and .NET 4 has a bug in the browser definition files in unpatched versions. Specifically, these definitions are only applicable to a certain range of browser versions. Anything outside of these ranges for some browsers (like IE 10 or 11) are not supported and ASP.NET sees them as unknown browsers and defaults to a down-level definition, which has certain inconveniences, like how it doesn’t support features like JavaScript or Silverlight.

So how do you fix it? Here’s what we tell customers:

There are two ways to address this issue: by fixing individual sites or a Server Side Patch.

Site-Only Fixes

Server Side Fix

A hotfix is available for the ASP.NET browser definition files in the .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 and in the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 via the Microsoft Download Center by searching for KB2600100. Please Note: These ASP.NET browser definition files are part of the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.1 that is included in the release to manufacturer (RTM) version of Windows 7 and of Windows Server 2008 R2:

A hotfix is available for the ASP.NET browser definition files in the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 via the Microsoft Download Center by searching for KB2600088:

After applying either of these patches, a Reboot may be required, so plan accordingly.

For more information on additional hotfixes that may help alleviate these issues, read Mark Drakes Blog; I would like to thank Mark Drake for continuing to investigate this issue long past I published this blog.

To see the Client Side Steps completed, you can watch the first ever Joe Knows Support video on solving SharePoint Internet Explorer Compatibility Issues!

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9 Responses to SharePoint Internet Explorer Compatibility Issues (WITH VIDEO)

  1. Mark Drake says:

    Hey Guys,

    You are the only ones to post or comment about the issue and not default to telling people “use compatibility mode”. I just want to say thanks – as a web developer I appreciate you taking the time to dive into the issue further than just the surface and recommending a solution.

    Last year I published a javascript fix to resolve some OOTB workflow issue when using IE11 and SharePoint 2010. When I started t/s the issues with SP2013 today I quickly noticed I wasn’t going to get anywhere. The HTML structure served to IE11 just didn’t have enough in place for me to consider it a front-end problem. This is exactly what I suspected – the browser definition file. Also worthy of noting that Office 365 seems to already be patched. I tested IE11 and didn’t run into the common mishaps I did with self hosted versions (no WPZ in edit mode, calendar issues, etc).

    Thanks again

  2. @Mark Drake Thanks for the comment. When IE10 launched, we had quite a number of Clients contact us about their sites not loading correctly. We saw this again with IE11. It really is just best solved by making sure Windows and SharePoint patches stay up to date.

    If you know anyone else this article will help out, feel free to share the link.

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  4. Riaan Engelbrecht says:

    Hi Guys
    Hope you guys can help me? We have BI Project site in Sharepoint 2013. Our PowerPivot Gallery went blank and only work on All Documents View. We have IE 11 on Windows 7.

  5. Neil says:

    I think it’s absolutely hilarious how Microsoft products are incompatible with each other.

    Every other browser I have tried, other than IE, actually run SharePoint better than IE does.

    I decided to wait before I installed IE 11, knowing very well that it won’t work. It’s 2015, I decided to install and get ALL the updates… Still useless.

    Insanity at it’s best.
    Has Microsoft learned nothing from their Win 98 Live Launch Crash?
    Come on Microsoft, that was 17 years ago already.

  6. George says:

    Typical Microsoft shambles. Rather than produce half-decent html, they come up with a horribly over-complex solution, which is then full of holes too. These control adapters have wasted days of our project

  7. Eugine Manuel says:

    Follow these below steps to enable SharePoint Calendar control on Windows 8 Internet Explorer 11.

    1. Open Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8
    2. Click Tools  Compatibility view settings  select “Display Intranet sites in compatibility View” check box  click close button.
    3. Open Advance & invoice function pages.

  8. Belladerm says:

    Great delivery. Great arguments. Keep up the amazing effort.

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