SharePoint Applications as a Service (SaaS) – Departmental and Vertical Solutions

I’ve been waiting for over 2 years to offer this service to our clients. I have seen thousands of dollars wasted on custom development, and hundreds of projects scrapped because they couldn’t deliver, ran over budget, or couldn’t get to production on time.

We all know SharePoint is an awesome tool, but is not necessarily the prettiest or easiest tool to use right out of the box. That is about to change. has joined ranks with CorasWorks to bring the SharePoint community a set of applications built on top of the CorasWorks AppEngine for a robust and stabile application environment like no other in the world.

This environment will allow us to quickly and easily add applications for departments (PMO, HR) and verticals (Federal, healthcare, energy). This will increase adoption dramatically, making SharePoint useful from day one. This is going to change everything, and make all of you IT heroes. Get ready for a tidal wave. It is coming. will have SharePoint Application offerings for both WSS and MOSS. The WSS App offerings will have basic but much needed functionality, such as department dashboards, workspaces, project dashboards, task management, work order approval and QuickStart templates. This set of SharePoint Apps provides department focus.

MOSS AppEngine will include all of the above and project portfolio management, help desk, service engagement management, virtual slide show and blog-style announcement service. This set of SharePoint Apps extends to deeper application and multi-site, cross environment apps.

That’s all I can give you right now. We have a soft launch date of September 15th with the official launch at the Las Vegas World SharePoint Conference October 19-22. Stop by the booth daily (booth #420) for a chance to win a tricked out Samsung netbook. You will also be able to demo our SharePoint menu of DocAve admin tools, Nintex workflow and CorasWorks apps. All delivered on demand via a low monthly subscription in the SharePoint cloud computing network. Welcome to the future of SharePoint.

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