Predictions for Day 2 at SPC11

SharePoint is unpredictable.  Sometimes it’s so unpredictable that it’s predictable.  That is how I’m able to lay out a few of my predictions for today at SPC11.


Someone will get a free t-shirt.  I don’t know where, and I don’t know how.  But this will happen.  And they shall be happy.


Someone will realize they got the wrong size shirt.


Twitter will seize up at one point and stop working.  People will break out into cold sweats and begin voicing their concerns to their neighbor.  Soon they will realize, hey, verbally telling someone what’s going on works too!

PREDICTION 4:’s booth will confirm everyone’s fears when it becomes “self-aware” and attempts to take SharePoint hostage.  Disaster is narrowly averted when Jeremy Thake uses his SharePoint Online Influence to talk the booth down.  People cheer.


Microsoft announces plans for “SharePoint: the Movie”.  It’ll be a collaborative effort set in Anytown, USA.  An epic drama balancing the frustrations and successes of a bold new platform. ©
Donald Glover plays a young Fabian Williams.

Stay tuned and watch in wonder as these come to pass…

Happy SharePointing my fellow SPC11s.

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