Pick Your Own Swag for SPC14

SharePoint Swag<UPDATE: Voting has concluded and you have all made it very clear that you are excited to get an Fpweb.net coffee tumbler and emergency phone charger! Be sure to pick yours up at SPC14!>

The upcoming Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014 in Las Vegas promises a lot of things:

Sessions for every level of SharePoint lifestyle, the best speakers SharePoint has to offer, the latest announcements from Microsoft, non-stop events to network at, and the biggest collection of SharePoint related products, exhibits, companies, users and partners. And swag.

Lots of swag…

So, in an effort to appeal to the primal instincts of the Swag Hunter in all of us, Fpweb.net decided, why not let you choose the swag this year? We have the tried and true favorites that we like to lay out from conference to conference – but now we’re looking to shake it up a bit and give you the option to tell us what you want.

Here’s how it works:

Fill out our survey and tell us the TWO swag items you want out of the ten provided. Fpweb.net will bring the two most popular swag items to SPC14. Everyone votes and your votes decide the winners. You can even track how the voting is going to see if your item has a shot or not. Below you can find a description and picture of each item and then you’ll see the place to vote. Voting will conclude on January 31st, 2014, to give us enough time to order the winning swag items so get those votes in early!

Choose from these ten Fpweb.net SWAG items:

  • Small Notebook (for writing down notes or numbers or insane theories)Fpweb.net notebook
  • Emergency Phone Charger (in case you get trapped in the desert again)Fpweb.net emergency phone charger
  • T-Shirt (to be worn or just suavely slung over your shoulder)Fpweb.net tshirt
  • Cellphone Holder (not the bad driver kind; the kind that lives on your desk)Fpweb.net phone holder
  • Luggage Tags (you know, so your luggage knows where it lives)Fpweb.net Luggage Tag
  • Hand Sanitizer (so you can shake hands without fear)Fpweb.net Hand Sanitizer
  • Cellphone Speaker (for when you need to crank that music up to ELEVEN!)Fpweb.net speaker
  • Light-Weight Reusable Bag (pack it, unpack it, repeat)Fpweb.net reusable bag
  • Coffee Tumbler (for coffee that stays so hot you scream with each sip)Fpweb.net coffee tumbler
  • Reusable Water Bottles (for water that stays so cold you scream with each sip)Fpweb.net Reusable Water Bottle

As always, thanks for your participation and we look forward to seeing you at SPC14 in March!

Reminder: Voting will conclude on January 31st, 2014.

(Thanks for all of your votes! We look forward to seeing you all at SPC14!)

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