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My Microsoft Ignite Recap: 5,000 free throw shots later…

May 13, 2015

Microsoft Ignite RecapFull disclosure: This recap won’t speak to the sessions and announcements made by Microsoft at the conference. I spent way too much time shooting basketballs at our booth to make it to any sessions, plus Microsoft highlights the sessions and recaps nicely, so why try to top it?

Instead, I’ll speak to my experience last week in Chicago as an Ignite Sponsor/Exhibitor, and why I can never get enough of the SharePoint Community (and their parties).

Bringing Professionals Together

Well, we certainly learned that whenever you bring together 15,000 professionals working within a myriad of IT and business positions all over the world, they can inevitably come together over one topic: not liking the food…
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How Technology Affects All Ages of the Family

May 11, 2015

technology quoteOur first family computer was a Macintosh Plus. I brought it home in 1987. I was one of those fortunate Apple employees, and therefore, my kids were lucky, too.

There were always several computers in our house. And so my kids grew up with a computer mouse in one hand and a toy in the other.

I still remember the games they played: Freddi Fish, the Jump Start Series and Kid Pix to name a few. Oh yes, I can’t forget Where in the World is Carmen San Diego – that was a favorite! They spent hours in front of the computer; they were learning and having fun at the same time. (At least that’s how I perceived it.)
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Upgrading from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2013

May 8, 2015

exchange logoIf you use Exchange 2007, it’s time to make a move…

With Microsoft announcing the End of Life for Windows 2003 server, I’ve seen a lot of questions about other products that may be reaching End of Life. My world has always been Microsoft Exchange and recently, I’ve seen a lot of Exchange upgrades from customers.

Why are people upgrading? Well, simply put – Exchange 2013 has a lot of features that the 2007 version doesn’t have. Let’s look at a few:
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Explaining Managed Services for On-Premises SharePoint

May 1, 2015

How Fpweb.net’s Managed Services Move Your Business Forward

best defense is good offenseThey say the best defense is a good offense.

We say it with football games mostly these days, but it originates from military strategy. Taking the offensive by attacking first helps eliminate the enemy’s chance to attack altogether.

The same can be said about managed services for SharePoint. Being proactive about monitoring and resolving any issues that can pop up when you’re utilizing a complicated technology for your business can help you avoid a painful defeat down the road.

We’ve covered a lot of blogs around our Administrative Support Services, but I want to zero in on our Managed On-premises offering. The admin support piece is only half of the story. It helps us re-actively assist our customers when issues come up with their SharePoint and Sitecore farms, but what about the rest of the time?
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Partner Post: The Road to Awesome SharePoint Adoption

April 30, 2015

If Content is King, then Context is Queen…

A day in the life of a SharePoint site Administrator: 

  • Pick out favorite t-shirt.
  • Stop for coffee (or Mountain Dew)
  • First call – Forgot my password
  • Second call – How do I change the site logo?
  • Third call – I’m sorry I just can’t remember how to upload a document.
  • Fourth call – How do I make a list again?
  • Fifth call – I can’t remember how to….
  • Sixth call – How do I…
  • Seventh, eighth, ninth – How do I…
  • Lunch (or Mountain Dew)
  • Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

What if there was another way? 
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