7 Benefits of Private Cloud over Public Cloud

private cloudOn-premises data centers have their own problems with resource and staffing, skills required for high availability, high scale, monitoring, and so much more. Moving to the cloud is compelling with all those skilled resources and resource elasticity in IaaS, but why look at hosting with a provider in a private cloud scenario?

An IT executive from McDonald’s explains why they chose a private cloud: “We needed a model that was flexible in any business and development conditions. Sometimes, we have months focused on development, and other periods are dedicated to deployment. The model must be flexible enough to handle this.”

Here are 7 reasons why someone might choose to have their own SharePoint farm or farms in a private cloud: Continue reading

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Get Access to Expertise, Give Access to Clean Water

charity : water photoFpweb.net recently made its 2017 Q1 donation to charity: water on behalf of our clients!

Many of us have no idea what it’s like to be thirsty. We have plenty of water to drink – even the water in our toilets is clean! Continue reading

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Free Microsoft Training Resources

How do you get your training? Microsoft has been creating a lot of great resources without much fanfare. Welcome to the new Office 2016, Office 365, and SharePoint Training Roadmaps.

Getting good training for the Microsoft Office products can be a challenge. How do you learn what’s new in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, Mobile apps, and SharePoint Online? Read blogs? Watch YouTube videos? Read the Office.com site?  Continue reading

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Cloud Diversification

Last month we wrote about how recent AWS, Azure, and Office 365 outages have highlighted the disaster recovery advantage of diversifying your cloud strategy. Let’s look at some more factors.

Each cloud, including private clouds like Fpweb.net, has different strengths that are better for some workloads than another. Multiple clouds helps avoid vendor lock-in. And along the same lines of being able to fail over with multiple clouds, is the ability to avoid the vulnerability of bandwidth problems with one provider. Continue reading

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Get Excited About Office 365 Groups – Then Relax

So many webinars and chats and talks about Office 365 Groups. It seems they are the next big thing, but then again it seems like they aren’t really anything.

It’s really not a new product, it’s more of a template or a feature that knits together the products of Office 365 into a single provisioned object that provides some semblance of navigation.

I think we’re in a moment where Microsoft is looking for accelerated adoption and looking at reinventing what you get when you want collaboration for your team or group. The clever bits is how it pulls together a number of technologies into a single security group that is designed based on the membership of the group. Continue reading

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Three Simple Approaches to Hybrid SharePoint

three approachesWhen we talk about Hybrid SharePoint we think about it like it’s a single hook, but really there are really a number of choices one could make in configuring Hybrid SharePoint.

We talk about Hybrid like we know one way to configure it, or as if it’s one thing. As you walk through these configurations you’ll see just how flexible hybrid can be and how simple it would be to change your approach from one to the next.

The more we start sharing these types of examples with Microsoft, the more they also may better understand there are three or more common approaches people are taking, which would give us enhancements based on the way we choose to embrace the cloud, or mixing or not mixing of data and services.  Continue reading

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Fpweb.net Expands Global Infrastructure with Montréal Data Center

Fpweb.net has expanded its global infrastructure to include a data center in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Fpweb.net adds this Canadian location to its global infrastructure that already includes data centers in Oregon, Tokyo, São Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, Frankfurt, London, St. Louis, and Kansas City. Continue reading

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Securing Data With SQL Server 2016

SQL 2016 logoMicrosoft SQL Server 2016 provides advanced enterprise data protection with built-in security features to help safeguard your organization’s data. SQL uses multiple layers of security:

  • Robust auditing
  • Transparent data encryption
  • Dynamic data masking
  • Row Level Security
  • Always encrypted technology

Continue reading

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