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Water Your Blog; Grow Your Business

April 3, 2015

Blogging grows your businessFor some companies, blogging is a way of life.

Chances are, it’s not because they like the sound of their own voice. Nowadays, more and more businesses are publishing unique content like how to’s and tips and tricks through their blogs to create an additional avenue to reach customers. They see the importance and the value that it adds to their bottom line. Maybe they have a dedicated in-house copywriter that produces the content or perhaps they’re outsourcing to a professional. Either way, they’re doing it and it’s making a difference.
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Move SharePoint 2013 Search Components to New Server

April 1, 2015

SharePoint Tips & TricksIn this post, I’ll detail how to move all SharePoint 2013 search components to a different server in the SharePoint farm. Unlike SharePoint 2010, there are no topology options in Central Administration so the entire operation must be performed in PowerShell.

Although that may stress some admins out, I’ve found that moving the topology via PowerShell in SharePoint 2013 works much better than moving it via the UI in SharePoint 2010. As you should assume, there is no PowerShell command like:

move-SPSearchTopology –components ALL –destination NewServer.

That’d be nice. And too easy. And honestly, it probably wouldn’t work anyway.
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Partner Post: Planning for a SharePoint Cloud Migration

March 30, 2015

Make Your Cloud Move a Reality with DocPoint

dps-logoWith an increased focus on the mobile enterprise and “anytime, anywhere” collaboration, more organizations are embracing a cloud strategy.

While cloud-based enterprise content management (ECM) promises a wealth of benefits (from greater accessibility to cost savings), many organizations are falling victim to the same content management strategy of the past. Nowadays, a vast amount of content is available in various types of formats further complicating the issue.
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SharePoint Managed Services Move Businesses Forward

March 26, 2015

How SharePoint Managed SharePoint ServicesManaged Services Bring Value to Your Technology Investment and Your Job

If you work in IT, you’re aware of managed services, and most likely already have an opinion about it. There are certainly a lot of use cases for how to use and implement the services, but, for the most part, it involves relieving your IT burden when you aren’t quite ready to bring the cloud to your business. This is something that we encounter daily at Fpweb.net.  
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SharePoint 2016: What features to expect

March 24, 2015

SharePoint 2016 FeaturesSharePoint 2016 Features Pack A Punch For Your Business

The release of SharePoint 2016 is right around the corner and the upcoming Microsoft Ignite conference in May should confirm this. But for those of you who want to know some of the details before it’s available for purchase, I’ve gathered some insights into what the new version will include.

If you haven’t already, check out my earlier blog detailing How SharePoint 2016 Will Improve Your Business to see the business benefits of the following enhancements. Hopefully, these improvements are just what you need to help move your business forward!
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