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Fpweb.net Extends Hosting Offerings with Admin Support Services

June 9, 2015

Fpweb.net’s new service places specialist support on retainer for any SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, Kentico and Sitecore issues so understaffed or overworked IT teams can focus on innovation.

Outsourcing complicated support requests to specialists helps you do more with less in relation to cost, time and resources. Now you can use the extra time and money to bring the focus back on your business.

St. Louis, Mo. (June 2015) – Fpweb.net is making it easy to add their talent to any team with new hourly support banks that extend their specialized expertise to any SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, Kentico or Sitecore project or emergency. Each plan functions as a bank of hours that can be used for Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 support requests. Hourly rates differ by support level and scale in relation to your prepayment with greater discounts on larger plans. These hourly banks are kept on retainer, never expire and cover client environments no matter where the data lives.

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SPBIZ Conference: The free online SharePoint event

June 4, 2015

SPBiz ConferenceWhat: A free, online SharePoint conference.

When: On-demand. June 17th and 18th, 2015

Where: Online whichever device you prefer.

Why: To bring expert insights and knowledge of SharePoint to you, wherever you are.

How: Register today!
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Import & Export Hyper-V VM’s for Windows Server 2012 R2

June 2, 2015

Windows Server Hyper-VI always strive to write about topics I’ve spent time researching or commonly reference.

It’s easy to overlook simple tasks that can save hours of work for all of you. Although Hyper-V 2012 R2 is beginning to find its way into more corporations with the automation assistance of System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM), which by the way is an effort of an install yet well worth it for the features gained, occasionally you still need to get your hands dirty.

I’ve found instances where I may have a host that isn’t joined to SCVMM, such as in a lab environment, or moving between different versions of Hyper-V where importing a VM is extremely time saving.
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Partner Post: Bring Value to Your Enterprise Social Network

May 29, 2015

It’s possible to find real value with your ESN

Contributed by: Mike Manning, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Neudesic

Reports from McKinsey, Gartner and Forrester all agree that few enterprise social network (ESN) implementations live up to their potential. Most turn into another employee communication channel, perhaps like glorified email.

Organizations typically purchase ESNs to:

  • Foster collaboration among diverse teams
  • Better utilize resources and improve productivity
  • Share knowledge, ideas, files and other content

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Troubleshooting in SharePoint: Start simple

May 28, 2015

Keep SharePoint Support SimpleWhy It Pays To Start Simple With SharePoint Support

Bing! A support ticket has been created.

It’s time to call upon the vast stores of SharePoint knowledge you’ve acquired over the years and flaunt your IT abilities. So, you crack your knuckles, dive head first into the issue and begin pouring through the logs for related errors… but, there aren’t any. The Application Pools and Services seem to be in working order. An IIS reset does nothing.

Head scratching ensues…
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