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Active Directory: Migrating User Accounts & Passwords

January 15, 2015

Move your accounts and passwordsContrary to popular belief, it’s possible to migrate Active Directory User Accounts and their passwords. Trust me.

The good news is that I’ll lead you step by step until you successfully migrate your accounts and passwords, but before we get started, there are a couple pre-requisites that may need to be addressed.

This blog also assumes you have two Active Directory Domains that currently communicate with one another.


SharePoint 2013 Foundation: Remove GUIDs from Search database

January 13, 2015

How to scrub those GUIDs to rename your search service application databases in SharePoint 2013

One of the limitations of provisioning a search service application in SharePoint Foundation 2013 is that you have to use the Farm Configuration Wizard in Central Administration.

When using this method to provision the search service application, Microsoft is kind enough to append a GUID to the end of all the search database names. This is rather annoying for those of us that like to keep our SQL environments looking clean by using well formatted naming conventions for our database names.

So, how do we make those database names less messy?


Implementing Responsive Design into SharePoint 2013

January 12, 2015

SharePoint Responsive DesignIn my experience, most organizations (and certainly their end users) would like to see some flair and customization with their SharePoint 2013 website. To that end, let’s talk about a little thing called Responsive Web Design and how to implement a responsive layout in SharePoint 2013. Yes, it’s time to take another walk on the Styled Side


How SharePoint Analytics Shape SharePoint Adoption

January 9, 2015

Balancing the Numbers for the Best SharePoint Experience

SharePoint Swiss Army KnifeIn the world of internal communications platforms, Microsoft SharePoint reigns supreme.

In an estimated two-thirds of all enterprise organizations around the globe, SharePoint is the preferred platform for internal communications including information, content and resource collaboration. In fact, it’s seen as an essential tool in building and maintaining high levels of employee engagement and productivity.

With such widespread adoption, SharePoint is the go-to “Swiss Army knife” platform for just about anything related to optimizing internal information management and communications.


Administrative Support for Any SharePoint Emergency

January 7, 2015

sharepoint helpSharePoint can be an unwieldy beast, and for those of us working on the administrative end, or managing those who do, you know better than most. Custom code, web parts, patching, monitoring and backups etc. It all requires management. But can you do it all in-house? Should you? It’s a conversation I have with IT professionals every day.

Most conversations start the same way: What does Fpweb.net do? When I explain that we offer hosted solutions for SharePoint, I usually get one of two reactions. No.1: “So, like Office 365, right?” Well, not exactly. We offer dedicated solutions while Office 365 is multi-tenant, or shared solutions. (If you’d like a deeper dive on why that’s important, check out Is Office 365 Right for your Business?) No.2 (and by far the most common): “We’re not ready for the cloud, but we like the idea of outsourcing.”