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Connecting SharePoint to Sitecore and Kentico

July 14, 2015

When SharePoint Meets Sitecore and Kentico

The SharePoint ConnectorChances are you already have SharePoint handling all of your document management and providing the collaboration tools to enhance workplace productivity and internal workflows. You chose SharePoint because it’s the best at doing all those things.

But what if you want the best for your customer experience and web content management?

Well, it obviously doesn’t make financial sense to abandon the SharePoint investment and buy in to Sitecore or Kentico – but you won’t have to…
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Keep Specialized, Admin Support on Retainer 24/7

July 9, 2015

A no nonsense, easy way to add SharePoint Admins to your team.

According to Indeed.com, the average salary for a SharePoint Administrator is $78K. That number easily and often reaches six figures. And that number doesn’t take into account the time spent training (both initial and continued education around the complicated platform.)

Hiring and training SharePoint Admins can have a major impact on the budget, and what’s worse, they’re often forced to spend their time putting out small IT fires and issues that distract them from the reason they’re getting paid the big bucks in the first place.
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Free Webinar: In-Context SharePoint Help & Training

July 6, 2015

“Simplify SharePoint & Office 365: In-Context Help & Training” is the latest Fpwebinar to help businesses conquer common SharePoint issues. This webinar will introduce a new way of accessing help and training that scratches your users’ itches for Office 365, SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013. Fpweb.net has invited members of the original SharePoint team to discuss how to bring out the best in your SharePoint content and optimize your productivity. Please join us for a very special partner webinar.

Who: Content Panda and Support+ Premium

What: “Simplify SharePoint & Office 365: In-Context Help & Training”

When: Thursday, July 9, 2015, 11am EST

Why: Stop wasting time searching for relevant content or how-to’s when you need extra help completing a task. Discover the tools that make your SharePoint life a lot easier.

How: Register Today!
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SPBIZ: Another great SharePoint event, case study

June 30, 2015

The 2 Day Online SharePoint Conference Was a Success!

On June 17 and 18th, around 2,500 out of 3,300 registrants logged into another incredible, online SharePoint conference… for free.

Whether they were logging in from their computers or phones, SPBizzers were treated to over 60 high quality, informative SharePoint sessions, including a great keynote to kick off the conference from Mark Kashman regarding SharePoint 2016 and what’s coming. For two days, attendees had access to the best presenters in the SharePoint business world, and now, thanks to Fpweb.net hosting and the SPBIZ team, each session will be available on-demand for the next 6 months.
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Internet Browser Support and Compatibility Features

June 26, 2015

SharePoint & Internet BrowsersThis blog goes hand in hand with another blog, “SharePoint Internet Explorer Compatibility Issues” written by a colleague of mine here at Fpweb.net, Steve Lattina. He focuses on compatibility issues with Internet Explorer and some fixes, but I’m actually going to dive into the other types of browsers out there and why some functions work and others don’t in non IE browsers.

Sure, Internet Explorer isn’t always users first (or even second) choice for browsing the internet, but if you want the best that SharePoint has to offer, you need to make IE your default. Nevertheless, a lot of users are opening their SharePoint sites in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
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