LiveID and SharePoint: Where you can use it and why

Using Microsoft LiveID for your SharePoint authentication is a pretty popular topic. If you haven’t read much about it, then I strongly suggest reviewing a blog from @wictor here and @amilsark’s post here. Also, you can see how the whole solution works over at Microsoft Education Partner Network and Nothing But SharePoint.

All the buzz around LiveID has prompted numerous customers to ask exactly which of our SharePoint Foundation 2010 hosting plans will facilitate this. Below is a breakdown of plans that will allow you to setup LiveID claims based authentication for your SharePoint site:

Plan: Starter
Support for LiveID: No
Reason: Starter 2010 plans are all host header site collections, running from a shared web application. Claims authentication must run at the Web Application level, but must be approved by Microsoft per the URL. This prevents us from setting up LiveID for each site collection.

Plan: Group
Support for LiveID: No
Reason: Although the Group 2010 plans are each separate Web Applications, two claim setups would need to be configured for each site that wanted to use LiveID: one for it and one for prod. This would result in hundreds of separate claims providers on our shared servers.

Plan: Professional
Support for LiveID: Yes
Reason: This is the first plan where a server is dedicated to your URL. You also have full access to that server, which eases the approval process required by Microsoft to have the site moved to LiveID prod.

Plan: Enterprise
Support for LiveID: Yes
Reason: Similar to the Professional 2010 plan you have full access to the server, allowing you to setup and configure the claims provider.

If you still have any questions about’s plans or Microsoft LiveID shoot us a comment or start up a live chat on our website!

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5 Responses to LiveID and SharePoint: Where you can use it and why

  1. Madnik7 says:

    Here is a commercial solution about this:
    SharePoint Live Authentication (Live ID and OpenID Trusted Identity Provider for Claims Based Authentication)

  2. Jeremy Thake says:

    don’t forget a great example of this is on kindly hosted by you guys!

  3. pcartier says:

    Great point, Jeremy! A shout out has been added in the first paragraph.

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