How Office Web Apps Can Save Christmas

Office Web Apps Saves ChristmasAs you already know, SharePoint 2013 is amazing, especially if you are hosting SharePoint with The only thing better is having an Office Web Apps server to go along with it! And while I could go on and on with a technical description of what Office Web Apps entails, I’ll put it in layman’s terms, from Dr. Layperson himself:

Office Web Apps lets you use common Microsoft Office applications in a web browser.

‘What good does that do for me’ you ask? Well, think about this scenario: you’re hanging out at your in-law’s house over Thanksgiving, half lucid from all the Turkey you ate. All of a sudden you realize that you don’t have a Christmas shopping list for all of your extended family. Shame on you.

I guess you need to start remembering whose child belongs to whom and what they like, and then you realize that you don’t even have a pen or paper to jot things down. In defeat, you help yourself to another slice of Aunt Bertha’s pumpkin pie…

But, guess who could have come to the rescue? Office Web Apps. Just log into your SharePoint 2013 site from your web browser and click on the SkyDrive link on the top bar. That shows your list of documents on SkyDrive.

SkyDrive Documents

Click on new document and you will then see the list of documents you can create:

SkyDrive Create a New File

Since you need to create a Christmas shopping list, you click on ‘Word Document’. Name the document appropriately:

SkyDrive Name a Document

This opens the Office Web App version of Word which you can begin editing immediately. Stretch those fingers and start typing.

Office Web Apps version of Word

Once you finish, click on the Disk Icon on the top right to save the document. Shopping list created! It’s a Christmas miracle!! Now, to get back to your list of documents, you can click on your Name up top:

SkyDrive Click your name

Now you want to share this list with your co-workers so they can start shopping for some of these things. (What? You think that’s weird?)

While you’re sitting at your list of documents, click on the Lock icon on the same line as your Shopping list document.

SkyDrive Lock Icon

At the next window, you want to click on ‘Invite People’ and begin sharing this:

SkyDrive Share Document

At the pop-up box, start typing in their name and it will ‘automagically’ populate some results:

SkyDrive Automatically Populate Field I know I can rely on Joe Beyer to buy these things, so I will select his name, type in a little note and then click on Share.

SkyDrive Share with a Note

Once the document has been shared successfully, you will receive a lovely confirmation on the top right corner of your web browser:

SkyDrive Shared Confirmation

You will also notice that on your Documents list, the Lock icon has changed accordingly and viola! You’re finished!

Santa and Office Web Apps

And don’t forget to share the list with Santa…

As you just witnessed first-hand, Office Web Apps has successfully saved your reputation (and Christmas) and has made two little kids very happy! You have also learned an extremely valuable management skill called ‘delegation’…

Office Web Apps is a powerful tool that can help streamline the sharing of documents. It further enhances the collaboration features of SharePoint, which will allow you and your team to become more efficient. Having a document reside in one location, rather than on your local computer, helps ensure that you and your team are constantly working on the most current version.

As a Project Manager, I leverage the OneNote Web App heavily to jot down some quick notes. I can then hop on any computer, access my notes and update them as needed. I know my team loves it since they no longer have to deal with deciphering my chicken-scratch hand writing!

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