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How do you get your training? Microsoft has been creating a lot of great resources without much fanfare. Welcome to the new Office 2016, Office 365, and SharePoint Training Roadmaps.

Getting good training for the Microsoft Office products can be a challenge. How do you learn what’s new in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, Mobile apps, and SharePoint Online? Read blogs? Watch YouTube videos? Read the site? 

Microsoft just announced new Office Training Roadmap for the Office Family. What’s cool about this is the topic-based roadmap where it starts with the basics and works up to more advanced concepts. This way you could really find out where you are education-wise, and go from there. Pretty cool concepts.

Microsoft Office Training PDFs

Open up the PDF poster for the product desired then view training videos and resources.

Office basics Office365 more

There are many products that have training videos, quick starts, downloadable guides, ebooks, and mobile guides.

Other Training Resources

YouTube Channels

Of course, can always take the Microsoft training off your plate for you so that your IT team can continue working while we provide the training for the rest of your staff. In fact, training is included in every level of our expert, USA-based, 24/7 Absolute Support® on-premises, or in any cloud.

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