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Hey, good news!

Your friendly, neighborhood Fpweb.net Newsletter is back in circulation.  Beside the Point is our reimagining of The Frontier, our last newsletter. Sign up now for free to receive up-to-date SharePoint Hosting News and other insights into this devilish community.

A typical Beside the Point newsletter will chronicle the daring adventures of SharePoint, keep you in the Fpweb.net loop, map out what conferences and events we’re sneaking into, and, often times, stray a bit off topic (beside the point… get it?)  We spoil you, ya know…

Get on the mailing list today and at least once a month you’ll hear the daunting ding of your email and find, what’s this? A tiny, giftwrapped miracle waiting in your inbox.  Beside the Point thanks you!


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2 Responses to Fpweb.net’s newsletter – Beside the Point

  1. Chelsea says:

    Can’t subscribe to Beside the Point. All links to signup page = 404 :(

  2. Hi Chelsea, thanks for the heads up! As we work to fix those links, the easiest way for you to sign up is to visit http://blog.fpweb.net/ and on the right hand side you will find an easy way to sign up for blog alerts and also a place to sign up for the newsletter Beside the Point. Just put in your email and you’re set! Thanks for reading!

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