Fpweb.net shows how FLEXible we are

Day 3 of SPC11.  Weather in Anaheim: Slightly cloudy with a chance of SharePoint.

As the swag dwindles and Beatles music plays upstairs, Boothzilla is only getting stronger.  The dance party yesterday attracted some pretty interesting Jagger impressions and left three lucky SharePointers with a free Disney pass and $100 to spend while there.  Congrats once again to our winners.

We’re a day away from the $1000 giveaways and looking forward to seeing all our SharePoint Heroes with their shirts on tomorrow, so what to do before then…

It’s no secret that we’ve always been proud of our FLEXible SharePoint Hosting solutions.  But what is secret is how we’re going to show you!  Be at Booth 209 tonight at 6:15pm during the Exhibit Hall Reception to see what all the hype is about.

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