Fpweb.net Brings Back Free SharePoint Migrations to Any Version

The leading SharePoint hosting provider is bringing back their most popular SharePoint promotion, free SharePoint Migrations, to close out the Summer of SharePoint.

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St. Louis, Mo., August 07, 2013 – Back by popular demand, Fpweb.net once more releases free migrations to any version of SharePoint for new and current qualified customers. In the same way that the promotion worked earlier this spring, wherever a business’ data may live at the moment, Fpweb.net will migrate it to their favorite version of SharePoint for free in their very own dedicated SharePoint Cloud that is managed by the experts at Fpweb.net.

As Microsoft approaches End of Life on support for earlier versions of SharePoint, Fpweb.net is moving any 2003 or 2007 environments to SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013 in an easy process that is made possible through Fpweb.net’s partnership with MetaVis. Businesses that utilize SharePoint 2010 will also be able to migrate their data to SharePoint 2013 with this promotion. Fpweb.net will migrate all environments to an enterprise plan or above and additional conditions may apply.

At Fpweb.net, we make it our business to continually increase the value of each customer’s hosted SharePoint environment,” said CEO and Founder, Rob LaMear IV. “With free SharePoint migrations, we’re making it possible for your business to actually save money moving to a newer version of SharePoint while reaping the benefits of improved software and increased workplace productivity.”

By harnessing the power and ease of the MetaVis Migrator, Fpweb.net is confident their SharePoint migrations will place each customer’s SharePoint infrastructure securely in a private SharePoint Cloud environment where their business can benefit from:

  •     Deploying the infrastructure rapidly
  •     Reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  •     Easily scaling the SharePoint environment to fit their business
  •     Expanding collaboration across the company’s workforce
  •     Receiving expert, experienced support for their infrastructure

Moving to the latest version of SharePoint has never been easier for your business!

To learn more about complimentary SharePoint Migrations from Fpweb.net, please visit http://www.fpweb.net/sharepoint-hosting/free-migrations/ or call 866-780-4678.

About Fpweb.net
Fpweb.net is the premier SharePoint hosting provider – matching Expert Support and Customer Care with nearly two decades of SharePoint Hosting experience. Fpweb.net’s SharePoint Cloud helps businesses get to market faster and increase operational gains which lead to big cost savings. Leave the backups, monitoring, server patching and support to our SharePoint experts so you’re free to focus on the next big thing for your business. For more information, please visit http://www.fpweb.net.

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