Fpweb.net at SPC11

People, we are right in the thick of it.  SharePoint has taken over.  Save yourself…

The Microsoft SharePoint Conference has kicked off and it’s impressive.  Thousands of people with infinite amounts of free branded pens are perusing the conference halls and trying to find a fit for their SharePoint needs and their swag needs.  And there’s a lot of booths to consider.


Standing a level above the rest, of course, is our booth.  Booth 209.  Boothzilla.  Booth to End all Booths.  Bruce…. it’s been called many things, but everyone can agree, it’s big. It’s awesome.  And it spits out free shirts.

Boothzilla is certainly doing his job of bringing you over to us to have a good chat.  We’ve been seeing a lot of old friends and meeting a lot of new friends.  We’ve got activity on every side of our space and a lucky few have even gotten to see what the upstairs is all about.  But above all else, it’s clear that Fpweb.net doesn’t just host great booths, we host SharePoint.

So swing by if you’re around, we’d love to meet you or if you’re following along at home, stay tuned to @fpweb so you get all my live updates as we go.

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