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Philosophers often ask, what came first, Business Collaboration or SharePoint? Yes, Microsoft’s content and document management tool has caused quite a stir within the enterprise and we’ve been there for the whole, wild ride. Check out what we’ve learned along the way!

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7 Benefits of Private Cloud over Public Cloud

On-premises data centers have their own problems with resource and staffing, skills required for high availability, high scale, monitoring, and so much more. Moving to the cloud is compelling with all those skilled resources and resource elasticity in IaaS, but why … Continue reading

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Free Microsoft Training Resources

How do you get your training? Microsoft has been creating a lot of great resources without much fanfare. Welcome to the new Office 2016, Office 365, and SharePoint Training Roadmaps. Getting good training for the Microsoft Office products can be … Continue reading

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Get Excited About Office 365 Groups – Then Relax

So many webinars and chats and talks about Office 365 Groups. It seems they are the next big thing, but then again it seems like they aren’t really anything. It’s really not a new product, it’s more of a template … Continue reading

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Three Simple Approaches to Hybrid SharePoint

When we talk about Hybrid SharePoint we think about it like it’s a single hook, but really there are really a number of choices one could make in configuring Hybrid SharePoint. We talk about Hybrid like we know one way … Continue reading

Posted in Administrative Support, Office 365, SharePoint | Tagged , , , , , , , , , | Leave a comment Expands Global Infrastructure with Montréal Data Center has expanded its global infrastructure to include a data center in Montréal, Québec, Canada. adds this Canadian location to its global infrastructure that already includes data centers in Oregon, Tokyo, São Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, Frankfurt, London, St. Louis, and Kansas City.

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SharePoint Bots… is Clippy back from the dead?

Ever since Ignite with the power demonstrated with the Bot Framework, there’s been interest in Bots, but even more now with the rich integration for bots with Microsoft Teams.  Many have been wondering what a SharePoint bot would do…  what … Continue reading

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Four Highly Available Architectures for SharePoint Today

How do I build a highly available SharePoint farm today? These days there are four different ways to architect your SharePoint environments for high availability. Kudos to Michael Noel, Joel Oleson, Microsoft for permission to use the resources below. Please … Continue reading

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