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If you’ve ever been awarded the prize “King of the Computer Network” at your office, then you probably understand why the monarchs of old feared for their heads so much. Never fear though, our blogs will help you run an efficient, fast network that keeps the serfs at bay.

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Four Highly Available Architectures for SharePoint Today

How do I build a highly available SharePoint farm today? These days there are four different ways to architect your SharePoint environments for high availability. Kudos to Michael Noel, Joel Oleson, Microsoft for permission to use the resources below. Please … Continue reading

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How much space is remaining in my SharePoint site?

To analyze content disk space in SharePoint you could go through the trials of finding the Quota (if it is configured), finding the content database location, and examining the database. That will absolutely work, but what if you want to do … Continue reading

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Want to Save 30% on Microsoft Premier Support? We Have the Answer!

Microsoft and its many fantastic products are simply amazing. Countless businesses of all shapes and sizes rely on so many different facets that Microsoft has developed and provides. Whether you’re programming with SQL and operating through Windows, manage your data … Continue reading

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How Secure is Your System: Cyber attacks on the rise

Bad news for honest hard-workers: Cyber-attacks are on the rise. Where once someone who disagreed with your business practice might picket outside your office – now they just take down your website. Where criminals used to pickpocket strangers in crowded public places … Continue reading

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Import & Export Hyper-V VM’s for Windows Server 2012 R2

I always strive to write about topics I’ve spent time researching or commonly reference. It’s easy to overlook simple tasks that can save hours of work for all of you. Although Hyper-V 2012 R2 is beginning to find its way … Continue reading

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Create & Populate a VHD with Data from a Host Folder

Well, hey there! It’s been a while since my last post. I was promoted a few months ago to Infrastructure and lately find myself dealing with less SharePoint and more Virtualization. (Hooray for me!) So, I thought we would go all Tarantino … Continue reading

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Why You Need SolarWinds Log and Event Manager

Security and Auditing Operations Management for HIPAA, PCI, SOX and More Many of our managed hosting customers have compliance needs and security requirements that go beyond the standard network and hardware monitoring, intrusion detection and prevention systems, managed firewalls and password … Continue reading

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