BizTalk 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft BizTalk Server

According to Microsoft, 90% of the Fortune Global 100 use BizTalk and SharePoint.  As SharePoint 2010 hosting at continues it’s meteoric-rise in countless industries, we are hearing more and more from hosted SharePoint clients that they want Microsoft BizTalk 2010 connected in their hosted environment via the BizTalk SharePoint adapter.  This allows their company to connect systems and people across departments, organizations and public / private clouds.

What is BizTalk 2010 Server?

BizTalk Server 2010 is Microsoft’s integration and connectivity server solution. At the time of the BizTalk 2010 release, the product has reached maturity in the eyes of most business consumers. It sports more than twenty-five multi-platform adapters and a robust messaging infrastructure – providing connectivity between core systems both inside and outside the organization. In addition to integration functionality, BizTalk also provides strong durable messaging, a rules engine, EDI connectivity, Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), RFID capabilities and IBM Host/Mainframe connectivity.

Can I host BizTalk 2010?

Warning… shameless plug ahead… Yes, there are providers such as that offer BizTalk Server hosting as an alternative to costly on-premise BizTalk. Free up your data center and IT department resources allowing them to work on core business functions that differentiate your business.  The way we see it, since we are the leading hosted SharePoint provider in the world, and BizTalk is very similar to SharePoint; Hosting SharePoint 2010 with BizTalk at is a natural fit.

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