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How to Exceed Customer Expectations in Four Steps

April 22, 2015

Exceed Customer ExpectationsFULL DISCLOSURE:
This is my first blog here at Fpweb.net.

So, I figured I’d do you the favor of talking about something that’s close to my heart and skill set rather than just read a few articles and pretend to know more than you about a topic I’m really just regurgitating recycled information on. Sound good?

Oddly enough… this ends up being a decent segue into the topic of conversation.

This blog is about exceeding customer expectations and we’ve already learned our first lesson: Don’t pretend to have answers or extensive experience when a situation arises and you’re uninformed.
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Create & Populate a VHD with Data from a Host Folder

April 20, 2015

virtual machineWell, hey there! It’s been a while since my last post. I was promoted a few months ago to Infrastructure and lately find myself dealing with less SharePoint and more Virtualization. (Hooray for me!) So, I thought we would go all Tarantino on this edition of Steve Writes a Blog and start with the ending first.

‘Your new Virtual Hard Disk, which has already been populated with the necessary data, is ready to be mounted in the VM.’

Wow, that doesn’t make any sense without context… (Tarantino, take a hint!) So, let me back up a bit here.
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Why You Need SolarWinds Log and Event Manager

April 15, 2015

solarwinds-flameSecurity and Auditing Operations Management for HIPAA, PCI, SOX and More

Many of our managed hosting customers have compliance needs and security requirements that go beyond the standard network and hardware monitoring, intrusion detection and prevention systems, managed firewalls and password policies.

For environments that must comply with HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, and other regulations that require access to security management and change auditing tools to help stay ahead of black hat practices and the expensive impact of unblocked or (even scarier) undetected breaches, SolarWinds Log and Event Manager is an attractive option.
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Partner with Fpweb.net for All Your Office 365 Needs

April 13, 2015

office 365 from Fpweb.netAll of you avid Fpweb.net blog readers caught Peter Cartier’s blog announcing Fpweb.net’s new Office 365 offering, right? Well, since publishing it, we’ve had more than a few people ask us, “Why would I purchase Office 365 through Fpweb.net when it’s a Microsoft product and I can buy directly from them?”

It’s a great question for any company reselling Office 365 and it has an easy answer.
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Top 10 Admin Support Services to Outsource

April 9, 2015

Outsourcing Admin SupportOutsourcing Administrative Support Helps You Win the SharePoint Battle

Throughout my tenure as a SharePoint Support Engineer, I’ve encountered countless clients who are all experiencing the same IT pain points. Doesn’t matter where they are or even how long they’ve been using the Microsoft platform.

The popular issues are typically outsourced due to an already overstaffed IT department or a team that’s too green with the complicated platform. Nevertheless, I decided to compile the ten most common issues that require dedicated administrative support. See if any of these issues have slowed you down in the past.
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