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PowerShell Tips: Working with CSV Files

March 4, 2015

PowerShell and Your Data Made Easy

PowerShell-logoThere comes a time in every Administrator’s life that requires performing some action, multiple times, with some form of data.

For example, maybe you have an exported list of user records from Active Directory that need to be imported into another system. Or maybe you have a list of SharePoint users that need to be migrated from one domain to another. Whatever the goal is, it’s not very practical or efficient to copy data from a list and manually perform an action with that data hundreds or thousands of times in a row.


FREE WEBINAR: Perfect Your Content Personalization Strategy

March 2, 2015

Start Tailoring Your Message to Your Website Visitors

Content PersonalizationWant to stay relevant with your customers? Then it’s time to start speaking their language (sometimes literally…)

Content Personalization has changed the game for Marketers everywhere and opened up a new line of dialogue with the most important part of our businesses – the customer! So, what is your company doing to get out in front of the great opportunity?


Partner Post: Help Users Trust & Adopt SharePoint

February 26, 2015

Help Users Trust & Adopt SharePoint with In-Context Help

An Fpweb.net Partner Post by Asif Rehmani, SharePoint MVP, MCT, CEO of VisualSP

VisualSP logoThousands of enterprises around the world have implemented SharePoint to support at least some business processes– from simple content repositories for teams to large-scale systems that track business processes. Many of the implementations are still on-premises (in house) or running in a private cloud environment such as the one Fpweb.net provides.

Lots of organizations have started to explore whether they should stay in an on-premises environment, go hybrid or move completely to a public or private cloud.


There’s Still Time for Those New Year’s Resolutions

February 25, 2015

How to Keep or Reignite Your New Year’s Resolutions

resolutionsWe’re just about through the bitterly cold months of January and February and it’s time to check in on how we’re doing on our New Year’s resolutions. Each year, we optimistically set goals for self-improvement, but unfortunately many of us fall back into old habits pretty quickly.

Have you found success with your resolutions or have you written them off as next year’s challenge?

How can we make sure to keep our resolutions? Whether they are personal or work related, I have some tips to get back or stay on track in 2015!


How to Configure DNS and SSL for SharePoint 2013 Apps

February 23, 2015

SharePoint 2013 App ModelOne of the greatest additions that was introduced in SharePoint 2013 is the app model. This allows for stand-alone apps that add additional functionality to SharePoint. They can be hosted in a SharePoint environment or hosted completely outside of SharePoint by the provider themselves.

Configuring SharePoint 2013 to use apps is actually fairly straightforward and easy. Microsoft has documented most of it in their Technet blog. However, two of the most common questions I’ve been asked are due to confusion around the DNS configuration and how to actually apply the SSL for apps.