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3 Reasons to Add Secure Skype for Business

May 2, 2016

Is your business looking for an easier way to hold safe conference meetings without the hassle? If you haven’t already, you should seriously consider looking into Skype for Business, formerly known as Lync 2013. This application marries the familiar Skype user experience with the enterprise features of Lync, all in one easy-to-use package. Millions of businesses are using Skype for Business, not only for its many technological advances but also because it boasts a familiar, intuitive interface, making learning and implementation a snap. And if security is important to you, you can run Skype for Business in a dedicated private cloud environment to protect you from others eavesdropping on your chats or conference meetings.

If you’re looking for ways to securely collaborate, communicate, and safely share information with your team more efficiently, Fpweb.net’s Secure Skype for Business is exactly what you need. Our secure hosted Microsoft Skype for Business services will make it easier than ever for your organization to experience safe, consistent presence, locked video, private voice, secure instant messaging, and protected virtual meetings.

Here are 3 reasons why you should add Secure Skype for Business to your organization:

Our Web App Makes Private Meetings a Breeze – Need a way to organize a web conference with those customers or suppliers who don’t have Skype for Business? We have the answer! Our Skype for Business Web App allows both PC and Mac users to join in on a Skype for Business meeting from within an HTML5-based browser, giving your customers a full Skype for Business meeting experience without any hassle. This includes voiceover IP, instant messaging, multiparty HD video, desktop, application, and PowerPoint sharing. The Skype for Business Web App will save you and your customers on travel time and costs, all while making it easier than ever to stay in touch, no matter where you are.

Join the Conversation With Persistent Secure Chat – Multiple conversations about one single topic can be time-wasting, to say the least. With our hosted Persistent Chat, you can create topic-specific chat rooms that won’t be deleted. All messages are posted in real time and will remain there, allowing approved users in the group to browse and locate key details at any time. The chat rooms are easy to access and monitor, an ideal way to contain communications, and are excellent for promoting brainstorming. You won’t know how you lived without it.

Make Your Sensitive Meetings Better Than Ever With Protected Video Spotlight – Enhance your meeting experience and capture your customers’ attention by adding our hosted Video Spotlight to your arsenal. This handy application gives you a flexible, controllable platform that allows you to make face-to-face video calls with your contacts. You can focus on one speaker by locking the video spotlight, or you can let each participant choose the meeting view that they prefer. Our hosted Skype for Business services offer you a superior virtual experience, giving you time-saving features that you often don’t experience with a face-to-face meeting.

Say goodbye to your IT headaches – choose Fpweb.net’s secure hosted Skype for Business services! Call 1-866-780-4678 today to get started.


Work Smarter With Fpweb.net’s Absolute Support® for Exchange

April 25, 2016

As a business owner, you need to have the ability to be in contact with your clients, employees, and others at all times. Today’s technology has made this demand easier than ever; however, when an outage or a problem within the system occurs, the lack of instant connectivity can feel even more disastrous and nerve-wracking than ever before. That’s why you need to have the right business email hosting solution, and that means choosing the best managed services from the experts at Fpweb.net.

We personally recommend Microsoft Exchange with Absolute Support® from Fpweb.net. If you aren’t familiar with Exchange, it is a powerful and popular business email and messaging tool that makes collaboration easy through email messages, contacts, calendars and schedules, and tasks. Thousands of businesses love it for its integrated mail server, email capabilities, and groupware applications, which include shared contacts, folders, calendars, and more. Better yet, all communication can be unified over your network through Microsoft Outlook, smartphones, iPads, and more via an Internet browser. Absolute Support® means you get a live voice when you call and US-based, 6-minute response support by the Microsoft certified experts at Fpweb.net.

Because Exchange Hosting coordinates your email from one centralized network location, you can check it from any PC with an Internet connection by providing your username and password. This allows you to keep your email and calendar schedule intact from any location. Members of your organization will have constant, easy access to their business communication and scheduling via Exchange Hosting. This is the perfect solution for employees who work remotely, travel regularly, or just need quick, easy, and well-organized access to their business communication.

If you’re looking for hosted Microsoft Exchange services like no other, look no further than Fpweb.net, the expert provider of Microsoft Exchange hosting services. As a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, we are able to provide Dedicated Exchange Server hosting plans so you can work as easily in remote locations as you can in the office. Dedicated Exchange at Fpweb.net gives you the security, performance, and control of in-house Exchange without the expense. And it will integrate seamlessly with other managed Cloud Microsoft applications at Fpweb.net like SharePoint and Skype for Business.

Fpweb.net is dedicated to giving you 100% availability on your hosted services with us, all provided on our secure, hosted network and backed with the expertise of our Microsoft® Gold Certified engineering staff.

Exchange cost savings are significant when compared to in-house expenses, and Exchange hosting with Fpweb.net will save you the time and money involved in hiring IT professionals capable of running and managing a Hosted MS Exchange Server.

If you have a few questions about our hosted Microsoft Exchange services or are ready to get started, give us a call today at 1-866-780-4678 or visit us online at www.fpweb.net!


Should I Go Office 365 or Keep SharePoint On-Premises?

April 18, 2016

“Should my business choose Office 365, or should we continue using SharePoint on-premises?” This is the ultimate question that countless organizations are faced with today.

In our experience, most of our customers combine their on-premises deployments with cloud-based environments with dedicated or shared resources or both. We have been hosting both private cloud SharePoint environments and on-premises SharePoint deployments for years, but in today’s world of hybrid environments, one thing rings true – a single solution doesn’t maximize your investment in SharePoint.

Here’s what most Microsoft-based businesses are doing now – they are choosing to operate in a hybrid model. This allows them to experience the best of both worlds in Office 365 and on-premises. In fact, SharePoint 2016 has new features available through Office 365, including the Office Graph and Delve – tools that would otherwise not become available on-premises since they operate within the cloud.

If you aren’t convinced that hybrid is the way to go right now, here is a very basic overview of what to expect when you trust the experts at Fpweb.net to manage both Office 365 and your SharePoint on-premises:

Office 365

*Your SharePoint sites reside in an offsite, secure, and redundant data center.

*The professionals at Fpweb.net will manage your environment and provide updates regularly without your needing to lift a finger.

*You get full support on your side. That means superior 5-star support with an average of 6 minutes to respond to tickets, 24/7/365.


*Your SharePoint server farm will be hosted within your corporate network, meeting your security, compliance, and data sovereignty requirements.

*The experts at Fpweb.net maintain the SharePoint farm and regularly patch, back up, and monitor, allowing your IT team to innovate and work on projects strategic to your company.

*You will have full control to install and customize any SharePoint feature as needed.

Whether you want to take your SharePoint online, keep it in-house, or have the best of both worlds through a hybrid solution, Fpweb.net can help make the process simple and stress-free for your organization. Get a free SharePoint migration, on-premises or any cloud. Call us toll-free today at 1-866-780-4678 or visit us online at www.fpweb.net to learn more about us!


Optimize Your Azure With the Experts at Fpweb.net

April 14, 2016

Do you remember the beginning of PC computing when businesses ran their applications and stored their data on an individual system’s local hard drive? We have come so far in the past few decades. Now organizations are choosing to move their data and applications to the cloud, accessing their pertinent information via the Internet. When it comes to cloud computing, businesses have a few computing platforms to choose from, including IBM, Google, and, of course, Azure.

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5 Ways the Fpweb.net Toolkit Improves Your SharePoint Workflow

April 4, 2016

Today, many organizations are facing the challenge of relocating all or part of their IT infrastructures, along with their business processes and content, to the cloud. SharePoint makes life easier for these organizations by offering multiple ways to create the workflows that help businesses worldwide get their work done. It provides a hybrid workflow that helps corporations of all sizes to take a gradual path to the cloud by combining an organization’s on-premises investments with the flexibility and intuitiveness of the cloud. However, as great as SharePoint is, it also has a few limitations such as the inability to handle data loss after workflow history deletion, troubleshooting difficulties, difficulties in maintaining versions of the workflow, and others. That’s where the Fpweb.net SharePoint Toolkit and Nintex come in.

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