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SPBIZ: Another great SharePoint event, case study

June 30, 2015

The 2 Day Online SharePoint Conference Was a Success!

On June 17 and 18th, around 2,500 out of 3,300 registrants logged into another incredible, online SharePoint conference… for free.

Whether they were logging in from their computers or phones, SPBizzers were treated to over 60 high quality, informative SharePoint sessions, including a great keynote to kick off the conference from Mark Kashman regarding SharePoint 2016 and what’s coming. For two days, attendees had access to the best presenters in the SharePoint business world, and now, thanks to Fpweb.net hosting and the SPBIZ team, each session will be available on-demand for the next 6 months.
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Internet Browser Support and Compatibility Features

June 26, 2015

SharePoint & Internet BrowsersThis blog goes hand in hand with another blog, “SharePoint Internet Explorer Compatibility Issues” written by a colleague of mine here at Fpweb.net, Steve Lattina. He focuses on compatibility issues with Internet Explorer and some fixes, but I’m actually going to dive into the other types of browsers out there and why some functions work and others don’t in non IE browsers.

Sure, Internet Explorer isn’t always users first (or even second) choice for browsing the internet, but if you want the best that SharePoint has to offer, you need to make IE your default. Nevertheless, a lot of users are opening their SharePoint sites in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
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Why Kentico’s EMS Deserves Your Consideration

June 23, 2015

kentico-logoBottom line: If you need advanced Enterprise Marketing Solution (EMS) features but you’re looking for the softest punch to your wallet – Kentico is worth your consideration.

The EMS and Content Management System (CMS) has risen in popularity over the last several years with the former being eye candy for the enterprise and the latter being attainable by even the smallest mom and pop shops. Thanks to SEO, blogging, Google algorithms and, of course, the all-powerful customer experience, organizations quickly discovered that staying ahead of your competition and in front of your customers is as simple as a publishing fresh content on a regular basis.
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Managing your Fpweb.net Account

June 18, 2015

Your Guide to Getting Started with Fpweb.net

Fpweb.net powerspinWelcome! We try to make your payment experience with Fpweb.net as painless as possible. There are several convenient options for getting your bill paid. Whether you’re a check writer, a credit card customer or prefer electronic payment, we’ve got you covered.

This complete account overview helps you set up your customer portal and answers questions about billing. But, if you’d like the verbose and maybe somewhat unnecessary (but possibly more fun!) version, by all means, keep reading.
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PowerShell Tips: Casting Your Data Types

June 15, 2015

I recently wrote a blog about importing data from a CSV file to use in PowerShell scripting. I added a little note at the bottom of that blog noting that each item’s value that is imported from a CSV file will be a string data type. Well, what if the data that you imported from the CSV wasn’t originally a string? How can you cast your data back to the type that it was originally?

[string]$iAmAnInt = “5”

[int]$iAmAnInt = $iAmAnInt


PowerShell Typecast 1

Okay, well that was easy. I guess we’re done here, right? Not quite.
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