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New E5 Premium Office 365 Plan Announced at WPC

July 29, 2015

Microsoft recently held its Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Orlando which serves the Microsoft community as a way to educate, network and build solutions with fellow partners.  This year, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella’s keynote made it clear – this is a “mobile-first, cloud-first world.”  You can see the whole keynote speech below:

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What to Expect from your IT Outsourcing Provider

July 23, 2015

IT Provider ExpectationsEach industry is typically governed by different laws and regulations that evolve with the industry and provide the standards that run your business. We looked intently at the Financial industry a few months back with our webinar, Navigating SharePoint and the Cloud in the Financial Industry with our friends at Webtrends.

Understandably, the financial industry is chocked full of rules and safeguards to help protect your business and your customers. That’s why it’s important when you move to a cloud or managed service that the provider you choose is compliant with these industry regulations. This blog will outline how to choose the right provider and what expectations you should have.
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The Time to Leave Windows 2003 is Now

July 21, 2015

Windows 2003 END-OF-LIFE!Security flaws, lack of compliance expose Windows 2003 to cyber threats

If you haven’t moved off of Windows Server 2003 since it has approached end-of-life, you’re leaving yourself wide open to security breaches that can cripple your business. As of July 14, 2015, it’s time to get serious and protect your assets.

“It actually is a big deal,” says Alan West, founder and chairman of XMS Solutions, a Microsoft Gold Partner. “You need to get [Server] 2003 off the network. If you have [Server] 2003 on the network, it will be a jumping-off point [for hackers]. Hackers will know of Server 2003 weaknesses because of vulnerabilities identified in 2008 or 2012.”
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How Non-Technical People Can Help a Technical Person

July 17, 2015

If you’re not technical, don’t despair – you have a different role to play. 

If I had to place myself in one of the two categories, I would definitely fall in the Non-Technical realm.

Let’s look at a scenario that might explain the issue between the two types of people:

I’m watching a baseball game and I’m asked a question by a less than casual “fan”. I begin to rattle off a bunch of terms and baseball jargon like it should make sense to anyone and everyone. As it turns out, all they wanted to know was who the next batter is going to be, and here I am explaining what a double switch is, why that person is the next batter, why you build a lineup the way you do, etc. The fact is, it just confuses that inexperienced person more than they were in the first place and they rarely leave with the information they were looking for.
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Connecting SharePoint to Sitecore and Kentico

July 14, 2015

When SharePoint Meets Sitecore and Kentico

The SharePoint ConnectorChances are you already have SharePoint handling all of your document management and providing the collaboration tools to enhance workplace productivity and internal workflows. You chose SharePoint because it’s the best at doing all those things.

But what if you want the best for your customer experience and web content management?

Well, it obviously doesn’t make financial sense to abandon the SharePoint investment and buy in to Sitecore or Kentico – but you won’t have to…
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