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SharePoint 2015: Another Case for the Hybrid Cloud

January 26, 2015

SharePoint hybrid cloudWhy the next version of SharePoint will work best in a Hybrid Cloud

Years ago, we all sat and listened as Microsoft’s keynote at SharePoint Conference 2012 confirmed what we already assumed: SharePoint 2013 was coming and cloud deployments were the future of the platform.

SharePoint Online would be the main topic of conversation for the rest of SPC12, and organizations were told the benefits of unloading the hosting and management of your servers so you’re free to focus all of your energy on innovating within your industry and using the new enterprise-resources to deploy quickly and get out in front of your competition.


Secure Your Business with Strict Password Regulations

January 23, 2015

Your Safety Starts With Your Password!


This, as you may have surmised, is the common password of an uninformed person, ignorant to the dangers of the world might have on their luggage or much more seriously, their company web site or email server.

As we’ve entered a new year, I hope to help you understand the epidemic of bad passwords that can expose you and how to avoid the same mistakes. We hear every few weeks with increasing regularity which company was hacked this week. So, what are the reasons it happens, and why aren’t measures put in place to stem the tide of trouble?

The number one reason, is almost always password strength. It’s simple, but true.


The Advantage of a Small Business in a Big World

January 21, 2015

Small Business in a Big WorldDoes Company Size Really Matter in Business? Well, of course!

The benefits of a large enterprise are plentiful, but we’re not here to talk about them. What about the David in a world of Goliaths? Let’s discuss some of the advantages a small business has over a big company.

As someone who has been employed by both sides, there are three advantages that stand out to me: personal touch, size, and working environment. I’ll go into detail about each and you can let me know if you agree or not in the comments.


Start the Year with a Solid SharePoint Strategy

January 19, 2015

Optimize SharePoint Strategy Webinar CTAGot plans on Wednesday, January 21, 2015? Around 11am (EST)?

Want to hang out with us?

We’re presenting “Optimize Your SharePoint Strategy This Year”, a special partner-fueled Fpwebinar that looks at the different SharePoint deployment strategies and tips that can help you develop a strong business plan and move your organization forward with a tried and true SharePoint implementation strategy.


Active Directory: Migrating User Accounts & Passwords

January 15, 2015

Move your accounts and passwordsContrary to popular belief, it’s possible to migrate Active Directory User Accounts and their passwords. Trust me.

The good news is that I’ll lead you step by step until you successfully migrate your accounts and passwords, but before we get started, there are a couple pre-requisites that may need to be addressed.

This blog also assumes you have two Active Directory Domains that currently communicate with one another.